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Environmental Site Assessment and Redevelopment Assistance - Mill Properties


Services: Site and Facilities Investigation
Clients Served: Developer

A major redeveloper of properties is converting often vacant urban mill properties into Class A residential lofts and apartments. Most of these properties meet the criteria for Brownfield status at both the state and federal levels due to releases of oil or hazardous materials in soil, groundwater, sediment, soil gas and / or indoor air and their location in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. This client uses state, federal and private sources to fund the significant renovation of the properties including the remediation of any identified environmental liabilities. To assure the elimination of any contaminant exposure pathways that could affect their residents’ health they use institutional controls, building retrofit and traditional remediation techniques.

Loureiro provides an expedited, yet comprehensive, understanding of site conditions, an evaluation of known or potential environmental liabilities and an analysis of how these liabilities will affect redevelopment options. Loureiro then completes necessary assessment and remediation as required by state and federal agencies and as may be required by lending institutions. Loureiro works with architects and contractors on building design modification to assure property techniques are employed to assure resident health. When assessment and remediation are necessary, Loureiro works with all parties to integrate the field work and permitting process into the overall construction schedule thereby reducing interference with construction work. Loureiro provides federal, state and local permitting assistance as appropriate. Finally, Loureiro assists the owner, lenders, insurance providers and other parties with deed preparation, easement documents, reliance statement and other required documents.


  • Completed ASTM Phase I and Phase II investigations including geophysical investigation, soil, groundwater, indoor air and soil gas testing. 
  • Completed Response Actions in accordance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan and associated guidance and policies including Phase I through achieving a Permanent Solution including all applicable documentation.
  • Designed and oversaw installation of sub-slab depressurization systems to eliminate the migration of volatile compounds into residential living space.
  • Oversaw and implemented remedial solutions to address pre-existing releases of oil or hazardous materials include soil excavation, treatment and / or containment.
  • Drafted deed restrictions, reliance letters, technical memoranda and other documents to lenders, insurers and related institutions.