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Construction Management and LEP Services for PCB Remediation and Landfill Closure

Farmington, Connecticut

Services: Environmental Remediation 
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro is providing engineering and construction management services for the proposed remediation of two identified polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) releases and the installation of an engineered control cap at the Electrochemical Machining Landfill.

The services include project startup, temporary facilities and controls, and project oversight that consists of managing contractor work to ensure it conforms to the technical requirements of the contract. Loureiro is providing the remedial construction management services on a full-time basis. Licensed Environmental Professional services for the environmental components of the remediation are also being provided.

Additionally, Loureiro is providing both soil sampling of the PCB excavations and waste disposal sampling to characterize each waste type for off-site disposal. Upon completion of the remediation activities, Loureiro will provide the client and regulators with remediation closure reports that will detail the remedial activities.


  • Remediation of approximately 600 cubic yards of PCB contaminated subsurface soils in conformance with 40 CFR 761.61(a) Self-implementing Onsite Cleanup and Disposal of Bulk PCB Remediation Waste.
  • Remediation of approximately 150 cubic yards of PCB contaminated subsurface soils in conformance with 40 CFR 761.61(b) Performance-based onsite cleanup and disposal of bulk PCB remediation waste.
  • Construction of a cover system to render PCB-impacted subsurface soil inaccessible in conformance with Connecticut regulatory requirements.
  • Installation of a Geosythetic Clay Liner (GCL) System on the approximate 4.5 acre ECM Landfill. The GCL consists of sodium bentonite clay held between geotextiles. The GCL is overlain by a geocomposite drainage layer and a clean fill cover.