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Design of Thermally-Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction System

Woodside, New York

Services: Remedial Design
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro was retained by a Fortune 500 Company to remediate subsurface soils contaminated with chlorinated volatile organic compounds. Contamination of the subsurface soils resulted from the former use of a dry well installed beneath the parking lot of the quarter-acre urban parcel. Excavation of the contaminated soils was deemed to be impracticable due to the limited size of the parcel and the 40-ft depth to which the contamination had extended through the glacial till deposits comprising the subsurface soils and consisting of an unsorted and unstratified, heterogeneous mixture of clay, silt, and sand, with rock materials ranging from pebbles and cobbles to large boulders. Thus, Loureiro designed a remediation system to treat the contaminated soils in-situ.

The remediation system designed by Loureiro consisted of a soil vapor extraction system enhanced with thermal components. These components included those for electrical resistivity heating of the subsurface soils. For this project, Loureiro provided: removal of the dry well, associated piping, and limited volume of contaminated soils; contaminant delineation; bench-scale pilot testing; remedial action plan preparation; permitting; engineering design, including the design of the above-ground treatment system components; system installation and operation; and cost estimating.


  • Preparation of detailed hydrogeologic cross-sections and a conceptual site model to account for the significant volume of cobbles and massive boulders within the subsurface
  • Design of subsurface components to withstand a target temperature of 100 °C, to which the subsurface soils would be heated
  • Telemetry to monitor system performance remotely
  • Construction sequence to maintain access to our client’s highly profitable service center during remediation system installation
  • Preparation of Operation & Maintenance Manual for the remediation system, including a thorough Step and Touch Potential Test data monitoring and evaluation program