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Former Andrew Willgoos Turbine Laboratory Jet Fuel Release

East Hartford, Connecticut

Services: Remedial Design, Investigation, Feasibility Study, Operation and Maintenance
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro was retained to provide initial response activities to address a release of Jet-A fuel at the former engine test facility. The initial response actions included the installation and activation of recovery wells throughout the impacted area while simultaneously delineating the extent of the release. A total of 60 groundwater monitoring wells were installed within a 30-day period to provide for extent monitoring and to estimate the release volume. Light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) was detected at a thickness exceeding four feet in the initial soil borings advanced within the plume area.

Eighteen recovery wells were installed to hydraulically retain the plume from the Connecticut River. Water and LNAPL recovered from the recovery well system was treated on-site through a permanent groundwater treatment system consisting of an oil/water separator, bag filtration and granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration system. Upon successfully stabilizing the plume, Loureiro designed a high vacuum dual phase extraction (DPE) system to facilitate rapid recovery of gross product. We installed a total of 26 extraction wells in the vicinity of the release area. The extraction wells were connected to liquid ring vacuum pumps through a header network. The groundwater and LNAPL collected from the DPE system was treated through the groundwater treatment system. Since the operation of the groundwater recovery wells and DPE system was initiated approximately 20,000 gallons of Jet-A fuel has been recovered.

Loureiro operated and maintained this system for over 10-years and performed a variety of additional investigations and assessments including pilot tests and geochemical parameter and microbial evaluations aimed toward enhancing the remediation progress using conventional and in-situ technologies.


  • Rapid field assessment of release
  • 24 hour per day operations during initial response
  • Design and installation of Hydraulic Control
  • Design and installation of Dual Phase Extraction System
  • Recovery of over 20,000 gallons of product
  • Operation and maintenance of control and extraction systems