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In Situ Remedial Action Permitting and Implementation

Stamford, Connecticut

Services: Remedial Design
Client Served: Industrial

Loureiro was retained to conduct a remedial alternatives evaluation and implement an in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) program at the former Machlett Laboratories, Inc. property in Stamford. The remedial activities were designed to actively remediate soil and groundwater in the saturated zone of the aquifer impacted by historical releases of chlorinated volatile organic compounds.

Sodium permanganate solution was applied via direct-push pressure injections (DPP) and with a low-volume chemical oxidation injection (LVCOI) system by the use of permanent injection wells. Loureiro is currently in the process of preparing an extended permit application package for long-term operation of the ISCO technology on this Site.


  • Acquired a temporary discharge authorization (TA) for a full-scale pilot test Initiated a chemical tracer study to refine oxidant dose.
  • Designed and constructed the LVCOI system, including 17 injection wells plumbed to 17 separate chemical feed pumps with controllers.
  • Oversaw the injection of 6,300 gallons of sodium permanganate into the subsurface using DPP technology.
  • Visual assessment for the influence of the permanganate was conducted at 45 well locations
    Conducted performance groundwater monitoring of 25 monitoring wells for chemical and geochemical parameters.
  • Operated the LVCOI system for a 30-day period under a TA extension injecting up to 100 gallons per day of sodium permanganate.