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Consumable Waste Audit

Washington, DC

Services: Waste Stream Characterization and Audit
Clients Served: Government

Loureiro was contracted to complete a waste stream audit of a major office building in downtown Washington, DC, occupying over 900,000 square feet. The structure features 12 vertical floors, three below ground floors, a robust cafeteria and a leased space restaurant. The space contains offices, conference areas, training facilities, and meeting halls for facilities operations, maintenance operations, housekeeping, food preparation and service, as well as a parking area.

The waste audit improved current consumable waste diversion by: 
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of single-stream recycling
  • Identifying the impact of post-consumer contamination to compost stream
  • Recognizing divertible waste within landfill waste stream
  • Helping participants understand waste segregation competencies
  • Identifying opportunities applicable to container selection, labeling, and placement


  • Waste Audit provided client with data to support LEED EBOM-2009 MRc6 Solid Waste Management – Waste Stream Audit.
  • For 20 hours, the Loureiro audit team remained onsite to process continuous consumable waste generation for a single day’s operations. 
  • Nearly 4,700 lbs. of waste were collected and assessed across four waste streams.
  • In addition to overall diversion, 18 target areas were analyzed throughout facility 
  • Over 22 separate data sets were assembled during the waste collection and sorting processes.
  • Data analysis included performance comparisons of successful diversion and/or waste stream contamination among the three waste streams, 18 targeted areas, and 22 data sets.