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Texon Landfill Closure

Huntington, Massachusetts

Services: Solid Waste
Clients Served: Industrial


The property is the location of a former industrial and solid waste landfill that ceased operation in the early 1980’s. The landfill was constructed on an approximately 4.5-acre portion of the property, which was previously excavated for the sand and gravel operation. The landfill accepted solid wastes from a manufacturer of latex and plastic-impregnated fabrics used in shoe production and other industries.

Loureiro was retained to conduct an assessment of the landfill and to recommend what actions were necessary to comply with Massachusetts requirements. The assessment included the advancement of soil borings, construction of shallow and deep groundwater monitoring wells, installation of soil vapor probes, excavation of exploratory test pits, performance of geophysical surveys, sampling of soil, groundwater, soil gas, and surface water, and laboratory analysis of environmental samples. The presence and extent of constituents from the solid waste disposal was identified and delineated.

Loureiro worked with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to have the site listed as “Adequately Regulated” under the solid waste program and transitioned the Site from being regulated under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan. As part of this transition, Loureiro performed an engineering evaluation of various measures necessary to compliance with the solid waste requirements. The result, published in a Corrective Action Alternatives Analysis, was election of an alternative consisting of repairs to the existing cap, installation of drainage improvements, and limiting access to the site. Loureiro prepared the engineering design details for the selected alternative and implemented the alternatives utilizing a design-build project delivery method.


  • Site characterization
  • Successful transition of site out of MCP program
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Design and permitting of selected remedy
  • Successful negotiations with regulatory agency and current site owner
  • Removal and transportation and disposal of 420 tons of drummed waste
  • Grading and placement of final cover materials
  • Compliance monitoring of groundwater, surface water, and landfill gas