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Tire Pond - Phase II Closure Activities

Hamden/North Haven, Connecticut

Services: Solid Waste
Clients Served: Government

The privately-owned “tire pond” site was used for many years for the unpermitted disposal of tires and other wastes. There were approximately 15-30 million tires disposed of at the site. Site closure was ordered to prevent any further disposal. Loureiro was retained to provide services associated with the capping and final closure of the site. 

The closure requires procurement and placement of approximately 500,000 cubic yards of cover material. Loureiro was charged with obtaining necessary permits from the Town of North Haven, the development of project quality assurance plans, procuring more than 300,000 cubic yards of soil or sediment for use as cover material, ensuring that all soil and sediment coming to the site meets a project-specific Acceptance Protocol, and performing inspections to ensure the site is maintained in a compliant manner. We are also establishing and maintaining a transparent material tracking system.

We are responsible for grading and managing the placement of acceptable soil or sediment on the landfill in accordance with the established filling sequence and closure operation plan, ensuring that the final cover material is a material that complies with all requirements for low permeability final cover on solid waste disposal area and is of a quality suitable for any post-closure use of the site, and ensuring that the final grade of the landform does not exceed the final grades identified in the approved Closure Plan. We have developed and implemented a process whereby the cost of operation is offset by the material placement fee charged to purveyors of cover material.


  • Local permitting including all public presentations
  • Development of construction quality assurance plan
  • Creation of transparent cover material tracking system
  • Management of day-to-day operation of cover installation
  • Installation of solar powered web camera network for visibility and security
  • Grading and placement of cover materials
  • Final stabilization of over 20-acres of cover