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Structural Engineering Litigation Support - MA Town

Massachusetts Town

Services: Structural Engineering
Clients Served: Attorneys, Government

We were retained by a Town in Massachusetts to provide engineering expertise to the Town’s legal team regarding the failure of the basement slab in their new Public Safety Building. The basement slab ruptured under hydrostatic pressure causing infiltration of water into the basement and severely damaging its contents. Understanding the reason behind this failure required extensive research into the fundamental design approach by the design team along with an understanding of the role that the Town played with the project planning and design. Extensive investigation efforts into correspondence, site plans, building plans, specifications, contract language and numerous meetings with the attorney were necessary before a clear understanding of the issues could be developed regarding this case.

Additionally, it was important to determine the steps necessary to remediate the failed basement slab to provide the court with a basis for damages. Several options were developed that could be used to repair and mitigate future water infiltration issues for the Public Safety Building.


  • Used expertise in civil and structural engineering
  • Deposition by defendant’s attorney
  • Court testimony