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Facility Engineering Support Services

Throughout the Northeast

Services: Facilities Engineering
Clients Served: Industrial

The Loureiro Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical Division has an extensive background working in occupied industrial type facilities. Our long term background with these types of facilities provide us with the knowledge and know how that many engineering firms who deal in mainly new construction projects do not have.

This knowledge base covers the main systems found in most facilities such as steam and condensate, condensate return, compressed air, natural gas, storm and sanitary as well as many specialty systems such as hydrogen, nitrogen, helium and argon gas systems, process exhaust systems, specialty air conditioning and control systems.

Given that our experience involves facilities ranging in size from 50,000 to 6,000,000 square feet, our expertise is equally variable including industrial processes to office spaces and cafeterias.


  • Paint Spray Booth and Dust Collection Systems Design
  • Server Room HVAC Design
  • Process Cooling, Steam, Specialty Gases and Fire protection System Designs
  • Plating Room and Battery Charging Stations Ventilation Design
  • Fuel Cell Co-Gen Facility Design
  • Substation and Power Distribution Design
  • Replacement Boiler, Chiller and Pumping Systems Design
  • Monorail, Bridge Crane and Fall Protection Design
  • Machine Foundation Design
  • Fuel Unloading Station Design
  • Building Demolition Design
  • Industrial Plant Systems As-Built Drawing Development