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Power 400 KW Fuel Cell Installation

Hamden, Connecticut

Services: MEP Engineering Services
Client Served: Educational – Hamden High School

The installation of a new 400 KW fuel cell was designed to supply power to the Hamden High School, as well utilization of the waste heat to provide heating for the pool, domestic hot water and greenhouse.

Loureiro’s mechanical engineering consisted of engineering design to size and specify the High Grade & Low Grade hydronic heating system design and operation including the piping loops, pumps, service valves, control valves, piping, piping anchors and insulation.

Loureiro provided mechanical engineering design to size and specify a dedicated natural gas supply, heat tracing for exterior makeup water piping, heat exchangers with glycol for high and low grade heat recovery systems, cooling module piping, nitrogen tanks and piping.

Electrical Engineering design to size and specify transformer, switch gear, power wiring, control wiring and conduits for Grid-Independent circuits. Engineering design to specify distributed generation instrumentation and associated wiring/piping necessary to conform to local electric and gas utility requirements (DG Rider meter, CTs and PTs) and to integrate the existing telecommunication and broadband line into the system.

The electrical design included site lighting and convenience receptacles for the Fuel Cell, assistance in coordinating with local power utility, collaboration to specify conductors and conduits for supplied Remote Monitoring & Efficiency-Monitoring (RMS & EMS) Systems.


  • MEP Services
  • Tight design and construction schedule during summer vacation
  • Heat recovery for pool and domestic hot water heating
  • Heat recovery for greenhouse heating
  • Construction administration including assistance during heat commissioning