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Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery (Hurricane Sandy)

Milford, Connecticut

Services: Structural, MEP and Environmental Engineering, Survey

Loureiro, along with Amaya Architects, is evaluating the impact of flood damage from Hurricane Sandy to numerous homes along the Milford, CT coast line. The evaluation includes reviewing the environmental condition, structural integrity and condition of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems of residential buildings and determining how to rehabilitate/remediate damage. Work includes identifying and scoping the remediation of existing hazardous building materials including asbestos, lead, mold and radon. Rehabilitation design includes engineering new foundations to lift the buildings to an elevation that will no longer be impacted by future floods, providing pile foundations to support buildings that are impacted by poor soil conditions, designing new utilities services that will be less affected by future storm events and design of replacement MEP building systems.


  • Rehabilitation of hurricane damaged residential properties.
  • Remediation of hurricane damaged properties to minimize the impacts of future storm events.
  • Surveying damaged properties.
  • Multi-disciplined engineering services include in-house structural, MEP, environmental and survey services/
  • Significant coordination with multiple state and town agencies including the CT Dept. of Housing, CT DEEP, Milford Inlands/Wetlands and Milford Planning & Zoning.