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Production Expansion

Wallingford, Connecticut

Services: MEP Engineering - HVAC, Fire Protection, Plumbing
Client Served: Industrial

A facility located in Wallingford, Connecticut consists of office, laboratory and production buildings. The new 56,000 square foot three story building expands the manufacturing capabilities at this site by 300%. The new building includes a blend of office and production spaces. The main two story office area is served by new energy efficient packaged rooftop HVAC equipment. The production area is served by electric and gas fired unit heaters integrated with a new ventilation system. The new ventilation system includes 36,000 cfm of treated makeup air. A new plumbing system was designed serving the office area restrooms, break room, laboratory area, production area emergency eye wash and shower stations as well as the new roof drainage system. A fire protection system was designed including the extension of the water main to support the new facility. The fire protection system included wet and dry sprinkler systems as well as a standpipe system and fire department connections. A new fire alarm system was designed and integrated into the existing facility complex.


  • Energy Efficient HVAC Systems
  • Production Area Makeup Air and Exhaust System
  • Fire Protection and Fire Alarm System
  • Sanitary and Storm Drainage Systems