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MEP Design for Stadium Energy Conservation Measures

East Hartford, Connecticut

Services: MEP Design

Clients Served: Developer

For this high visibility project promoted by the Governor, Loureiro provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for the implementation of energy conservation measures throughout a sports complex along with administration of the project construction. The energy conservation measures were evaluated by others under a previous project to save energy and improve building operation. The project included the design of the measures determined to have the highest payback potential. The estimated annual energy savings for the conservation measures included was over $26,000.

The mechanical energy conservation measures included the installation of a new web-based building automation system with a new communication bus, replacement variable air volume box controllers, new rooftop air conditioning equipment controllers, new demand controlled ventilation controls, replacement communicating type temperature sensors, new baseboard radiation staging controls and building equipment status monitoring.

The electrical energy conservation measures included the separation of existing lighting circuits to support new building management control of lighting zones, replacement of existing lighting with LED based lighting, new occupancy sensor lighting control and reduced lighting levels throughout the building.