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Nyala Farms Corporate Center

Westport, Connecticut

Services: Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering
Clients Served: Real Estate Development

Bridgewater Associates, a tenant at the Nyala Farms Corporate Center experienced a significant operational expansion requiring a complete modification and renovation of building 500 to meet their future needs. The renovation project required major upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems as well as structural modification to accommodate the anticipated infrastructure changes to the building. The property management team understood the need to have an independent engineering team review the complicated changes to their building that was being planned. Loureiro was selected by the owner to provide the engineering review and evaluation of the planned mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering modifications.

Our SMEP group reviewed the set of documents provided by the engineers of record and developed a list of questions that were submitted to the engineer of record for responses. This form of review helped the owners understand their buildings modifications and allowed them to participate in the review.

Review of the structural impacts to the renovation project were not always straight forward, since re-routing of mechanical systems inevitably needed to pass through existing structural beams and girders. Verification of the penetration locations, size and reinforcing, if required, became a daily adventure at the peak of construction. Many of these penetrations were not identified until the work was under way which required quick turnaround to keep the contractors moving.


  • Used expertise in civil, MEP, and structural engineering
  • Provided owner with quick turn-a-round to keep construction on schedule
  • Complex building renovation
  • All reviews presented to management team
  • Worked with engineers of record