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Drainage Gardens and Streetscape Design

Laconia, New Hampshire

Services: Site Engineering
Clients Served: Municipality

The City of Laconia, New Hampshire retained Loureiro Engineering Associates, Inc. to provide professional design services associated with enhancing the landscape, and improving the drainage and management of stormwater within its downtown Main Street business district.

The area along Main Street known as "Water Street Extension" was commonly referred to as the "concrete courtyard" by local residents due to its lack of plantings and expansive areas of pavement.

A series of "drainage gardens" or landscaped islands bounded by walkways was recommended to address these issues. The drainage gardens were designed to capture accumulating stormwater and improve drainage to prevent the pooling of stormwater on the pavement. By sloping the pavement of the walkways the flow of water is directed to multiple drains placed among the plantings. The water is filtered by the drains prior to being carried away by an underground storm pipe. The outcome of the drainage gardens alleviates the issue of stormwater pooling on the pavement and eliminates the issue of creating icy walkways in colder temperatures. Benches as well as a table with seating for four and a pergola were also included along the planted islands creating an inviting environment for pedestrians to gather.

Additionally, the project included addressing a section of Main Street where the existing expanse of pavement, interrupted by trees was also experiencing issues with stormwater runoff. The areas surrounding the trees were expanded to serve two purposes - accommodate for additional plantings and benches, greatly improving the landscape, as well as to capture and manage stormwater runoff.

The new Drainage Gardens collectively sustains the management and drainage of stormwater while at the same time providing a welcoming space for resident and visitors to gather and enjoy downtown Laconia.


  • Stormwater management and enhancement.
  • Landscape improvements.
  • Inviting downtown area for residents and visitors