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Stamford Fleet Fueling Facility

Stamford, Connecticut

Services: Site and Facilities
Client Served: Government

The City of Stamford maintained a fueling facility for their fleet of municipal vehicles located at 100 Magee Avenue. The existing facility had four pumps with eight separate fueling stations. The shortcoming of their arrangement was primarily the extensive length of many of the fleet vehicles (plow and refuse collection trucks) and the resulting blockage of the adjacent fueling stations. There were also access shortcomings in that the fueling facility is not equipped with an entrance and exit arrangement that can be executed without actually turning a vehicle around within the fueling area resulting in bottlenecking during busier periods and large vehicle backing, which presents safety concerns.

Loureiro developed a design for the city that was safe and streamlined. The final design includes four dispensers with eight separate fueling stations (same as existing), except that the configuration has been considerably improved to facilitate simultaneous fueling of the larger trucks (rubbish collection, fire apparatus, etc) without blockage of the adjacent fueling stations. Three new diesel and gasoline underground storage tanks at 10,000 gallons each are included providing adequate capacity for the city’s fleet. Submersible fuel pumps were chosen to accelerate filling times and get critical vehicles back into service. The new facility is equipped with an automated fire suppression system and a sophisticated vehicle monitoring system, which automatically transmits vehicular maintenance data to the facility upon each fill-up. Loureiro prepared a field mock-up with the city staff to ensure that the vehicular turning radii and access would exceed their expectations. This pragmatic approach led to a variety of small improvements to the final conceptual design, which was appreciated by all involved.


  • Initial schematic design and presentation to Public Works
  • Detailed site design including field mock up
  • Design of canopy, USTs, automated fire suppression system and vehicle monitoring system
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Contract administration services