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Site Engineering for Development of Residential Apartment Complex

West Hartford, Connecticut

Services: Site Engineering 
Clients Served: Real Estate Development

A developer acquired a property located at the entrance to downtown West Hartford. The property contained a large residential structure that was converted to an office with a separate garage. The developer envisioned the location as a gateway into downtown that would bridge the gap between the predominantly residential area located to the south of the site and the commercial district located to the north of the site.

Loureiro provided an ALTA/ASCM Land Title survey of the parcel to support the initial acquisition of the land. Loureiro worked closely with the architect to develop plans that were compliant with the applicable planning and zoning regulations for the Special Development District (“SDD”) overlay zone. The design for the 18 unit, loft-styled, boutique apartment building encountered considerable site development challenges including limited space, shallow bedrock and a very steep (14%) grade. Loureiro designed an exterior parking lot that supplemented the partially exposed parking garage with accent lighting and retaining walls. Stormwater is collected and treated using subsurface treatment structures prior to discharge into the town storm sewers. One of the primary challenges on this site was incorporating the 18 residential units with parking and greenspace into less than half an acre of land. The tasteful architecture and landscape incorporated into the design accent the structure and create a tremendous statement at an important location.


  • Preliminary planning and conceptual plan presentations.
  • Design and preparation of permit drawings and presentation of the project to the town council.
  • Utility design, water service, gas, sewer service, power and communications.
  • Sitewide photometric design for exterior lighting.
  • Stormwater management and enhancement.
  • Critical value engineering to reduce project costs after approvals.