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Air Conditioning Design


Services: Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical
Client Served: Government

Loureiro designed new air conditioning systems to serve offices and common areas in a State of Connecticut military building. An initial study phase was completed to evaluate possible options for air conditioning the building. The system option chosen for the project was the use of multiple variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. The systems were zoned based upon occupancy type and orientation, with high occupancy areas being provided with dedicated systems and offices zoned by exposure. Associated dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) were designed to support the VRF systems. The design allowed for the phased installation of the systems to keep the occupied building in operation.

Miscellaneous architectural design included modifications to the existing acoustical ceiling systems to support the new VRF indoor units. Structural design for the project included complete review of the existing building structure to determine the best way to support the new HVAC equipment on a roof that was not designed to support any additional loading. The mechanical design included not only HVAC calculations to support the new equipment selections but also associated dedicated outdoor air systems and enhanced control system to integrate the new HVAC systems into the existing building management system. It was necessary to design a new electrical service in order to support the new building HVAC system. The electrical design included not only the new service but the new associated distribution system and integration of the new service into the existing building generator. The project included full Construction Administration services.


  • HVAC calculations
  • New VRF based air conditioning system
  • Dedicated outside air systems (DOAS)
  • Enhanced HVAC controls
  • Structural design
  • New electrical service
  • New electrical power distribution
  • Construction Administration