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Roadway and Parking Lot Pavement Condition Assessment

Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Services: Transportation Client
Client Served: Industrial

Our client operates a major manufacturing facility with over 70 acres of paved surfaces throughout their campus including public access roads, service roads and over 50 acres of parking. The pavement has aged and exhibits typical distresses throughout the facility including surface defects (raveling and flushing), surface deformations (rippling and shoving, rutting and distortion) and cracking (longitudinal, centerline, edge, transverse alligator and block cracking).

The facility needed a comprehensive assessment using a systematic approach to defining the distresses and rating the level of deterioration so that priorities may be established and an effective Pavement Maintenance Program (PMP) could be developed. Due to the size and breadth of the facility, our client was looking to develop a seven year maintenance plan including maintenance of those areas of the site that exhibited good to fair condition along with replacement or repair of those areas exhibiting poor or worse conditions.

Loureiro performed a comprehensive assessment process throughout the facility using a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) process in accordance with ASTM standards. The PCI process allows for the calculation of a composite rating defining the types of distress, severity levels and quantities or regularity within the study area. All of the findings were imported into a site wide database. Based upon the results of the PCI assessment, Loureiro prepared a PMP, which included repair or replacement of certain paved surfaces and a variety of routine maintenance actions designed to prolong the life of paved surfaces prior to reaching the point of reconstruction. Loureiro also provided a similar assessment for all concrete sidewalks throughout the facility including an appraisal of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.


  • Pavement Condition Index assessment
  • Plans and specifications for structural improvement/rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Pavement Maintenance Program
  • Cost schedule for seven year period
  • Sidewalk condition assessment
  • ADA assessment for all walks