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Storm Sewer Investigation

East Hartford, Connecticut

Services: Underground Utilities
Clients Served: Industrial

This project was specifically designed to provide direction for conducting future repairs such as eliminating infiltration and relieving surcharge conditions as well as evaluating impacts from proposed campus improvements. The investigation generated a significant database of the storm sewer system from which a 3-D model was prepared identifying the hydraulic capacity and related surcharge conditions that existed throughout the system.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections throughout the piping network provided pipe integrity and groundwater infiltration information. Surficial inlet structures and manholes were inspected and surveyed using our robotic survey equipment. Various flow monitoring technologies were applied throughout the system to include: weir plate and level sensor combinations, Doppler area/velocity and non-contact digital Doppler depending on factors such as location, flow rate, pipe size and flow clarity.


  • 95,000 linear feet of storm sewer
  • Over 800 catch basin inlet structures
  • 8-inch to 108-inch reinforced concrete, vitrified clay, plastic, ductile iron and cast iron pipes
  • Measurements of average flow rate, pipe size and flow clarity
  • Comprehensive ground survey to obtain the locations and elevations of inlet structures and manholes
  • Obtaining and verifying all pipe sizes and materials for the piping network