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Storm Sewer Pipe and Structure Lining for Major Manufacture

Central Connecticut

Services: Underground Utilities
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro was retained to design and install a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner system to eliminate contaminated groundwater infiltration into a section of large diameter storm sewer network for a manufacturing facility in central Connecticut. It was imperative that the liner form a completely closed system to eliminate infiltration of contaminated groundwater in order to meet the facilities National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit limits.

The project had many unique challenges. About half of the storm sewer network was under active office and manufacturing buildings at a depth of about 18 feet. There was also active process flow in the pipe which was plugged and bypass pumped during installation. Access was limited and a dedicated manhole was constructed on the 42 inch pipe line to facilitate liner installation (inversion). Because of weight and handling issues, the 42 inch CIPP liner required two inversions which were bonded together in the dedicated manhole.


  • Installation of 950 linear feet of 42 inch diameter CIPP
  • Installation of 200 linear feet of 15 inch diameter CIPP
  • Installation of ten cured in place manhole liners
  • High head large diameter temporary plug installation
  • Bypass pumping base flow and stormwater flow