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Wastewater Treatment Improvements - Johnson Memorial Medical Center

Stafford Springs, Connecticut

Services: Wastewater Engineering
Clients Served: Education/Healthcare

Loureiro performed a detailed evaluation of the hospital’s existing wastewater treatment facilities to facilitate an expansion of the hospital and related services located on the campus. The facility was operating at approximately 90% of its permitted capacity and had plans for continued expansion.
The project involved assessing each unit process associated with the conventional activated sludge treatment facility including the headworks, aeration tanks and blowers, clarifiers, pumping facilities, filter beds and sludge handling facilities. Loureiro also performed hydrogeologic studies necessary to size the filter beds and document the infiltrative capacity of the soil and the ability to disperse the treated wastewater into the subsurface.


  • Designed improvements to facilitate continued treatment during construction
  • Sand filter bed rehabilitation and construction of two new beds
  • New process train (one new aeration tank and one new clarifier) similar to the two existing process trains
  • Two new UV disinfection modules
  • New storage building & ancillary services
  • Cost estimate for the proposed improvements