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Energy Kaizen Event – Cessna

Southeast US

Services: Energy Programs
Clients Served: Industrial

As but one strategy, Textron as an organization is dedicated to the reduction of energy used in its manufacturing processes. One of the strategies employed is to run Energy Kaizen events aimed at reducing energy use at specific manufacturing locations. These events typically last about three days.

Loureiro has assisted Textron in numerous energy Kaizen events, and in many roles. For example, at Cessna Aircraft, Loureiro assisted a multi-discipline, multi-site Textron team in identifying and quantifying energy reduction opportunities at one of their larger machining buildings.

In addition to being on one of the energy use system teams, Loureiro also provided:

  • training in identifying energy reduction opportunities
  • assistance in identification and quantification of opportunities
  • approximate change costs based on its experience at many sites worldwide
  • energy assessment equipment
  • scorekeeping assistance – including ensuring energy reality checks
  • post-event improvement reporting


  • Teams identified $102,000 in savings, with less than one year payback
  • Reduction of 30% electrical use in one building
  • Team members also now know “how to fish” for energy savings on their own