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Soil Remediation & Wetlands Restoration


Services: Remediation Waste and Soil Transportation & Disposal
Clients Served: Industrial

This project called for the remediation of a scenic wetlands area due to the historic release of metal hydroxide sludge after flooding of an adjacent industrial site. Loureiro performed the characterization of the site, assessed the feasibility of the various remedial alternatives, and designed and implemented the remedy.

Loureiro also performed all fieldwork and obtained approvals and permits from local, state and federal regulatory agencies. In addition, Loureiro was responsible for waste characterization, stabilization of soils and all logistics including container delivery, removal and soil disposal.

The project was completed successfully on time, within budget and without incident.


  • Complex regulatory environment
  • Multiple permits and approvals
  • 1,500 tons of soil excavated and disposed of
  • Complex characterization in wetland environment
  • Use of stabilizers to address unique soil characteristics
  • Limited physical access
  • Wetlands restoration