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Our Work Overview

Since 1975, the people of Loureiro have provided the highest quality engineering, construction, environmental health & safety, energy, and waste management services to leading industrial, government, real estate development, and education/healthcare clients as well as to architects and attorneys throughout North America.


From our roots in water/wastewater engineering, we have built a company capable of delivering on all aspects of your project. We’ve put together a dynamic, multidisciplinary team of experts with the single goal of getting your job done …and done well.
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Loureiro has developed diverse construction capabilities which are used to implement traditional design-bid-build projects as well as via a design-build delivery system in conjunction with Loureiro's comprehensive engineer competencies. This design-build package is a non-traditional form that provides the client with the strength of a unified team working together.
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Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

We provide compliance, best practice and risk management support under a wide array of disciplines for state/municipal, service, construction, insurance and healthcare clients of all sizes. The synergy we have created adds value to your business through our ability to provide accurate, timely and cost-effective support for all of your EH&S needs.
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Our Energy Services are led by professionals who have over 25 years practical experience, people who have managed energy at facilities ranging from individual sites to large worldwide organizations. Our staff has contributed at over 200 client sites within the last five years alone.
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Waste Management

By identifying environmentally responsible, cost-effective solutions for managing hazardous, non-hazardous, universal, industrial, and construction waste, we help our customers meet regulatory and business objectives. Using knowledge of applicable regulations, we deliver best-practice solutions for waste management challenges.
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