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Allied Tannery Soil Remediation – Brownfields Project

Concord, New Hampshire

Services: Remediation Waste and Soil Transportation & Disposal
Client Served: Government

WorkWaste assisted the City of Concord with selecting a soil disposal solution for 850 cubic yards of PAH and PCB impacted fill material. This material was an aggregated stock pile the City accumulated over time and was in the way of a future Brownfields subsurface remediation. We evaluated all local options for feasibility, approval process applicability, logistics and overall coordination.

We recommended the best solution considering the material’s contamination, physical composition and level of commitment to partner with our site operations. Some of the material was challenging to manage due to the presence of leather scrap, other waste and large boulders that needed to be segregated. They also supported the job site with clean processed material and fill on back hauls which maximized efficiency.

WorkWaste coordinated the project with the site and disposal facility. Timing was critical to minimize labor and equipment cost. Loureiro Contractors assisted with loading the material and also prepping the site for the future remediation. The weather also played a factor since the soil disposal took place in January. We were able to dispose the material and prep the site for future remediation within one week.


  • Selection of the best disposal and transport solution for the job’s requirements
  • Coordinating work in unfavorable weather conditions
  • Challenging contamination and physical properties of the waste
  • We were able to provide the job fill and process material
  • The site is now prepared and ready for future remediation and will hasten the outcome of the City’s Brownfield project and ultimate redevelopment