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Geartronics Industries

North Billerica, Massachusetts

Services: Industrial Waste Management, Compliance, Universal Waste, Training
Clients Served: Industrial

Geartronics specializes in custom gear fabrication and contract machining. They utilize CNC technology for various applications and are touted to be highly adaptable and customer focused.

We have managed Geartronics’ regulated waste for the last 5 years. Since they are located in Massachusetts, special consideration to State specific regulations needs to be noted. Due to their processes, Geartronics utilizes several non-hazardous oils and coolants that become regulated once spent. We have provided prompt and cost-effective service for managing these wastes and have also been called to provide other waste services for the company such as universal waste management, RCRA/DOT Training and general regulatory compliance questions.


  • Waste Characterization Sampling and Guidance
  • Universal Waste Management and Compliance
  • Generator Status Assessment
  • DOT/RCRA Training
  • On-Call Compliance Assistance