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Manchester, New Hampshire

Services: Industrial Waste Management, Universal Waste
Clients Served: Industrial

Gentex is a global provider and partner of choice for personal protection and situation awareness products, systems and platforms. More specifically, the company encompasses aircrew life support systems, helmet mounted displays, ground soldier protective equipment, high-performance textiles and communications equipment.

Loureiro has supported Gentex’s Regulated Waste, Non Hazardous Waste, Lab-Pack Waste and Universal Waste management for the last six years.

Due to government and agency contract work Gentex generates quite a bit of proprietary waste that needs controlled management. Some of these wastes are comprised of trade secrets and precious or semi-precious metals. Loureiro has developed specific strategies for tracking and managing these materials.

Loureiro continues to support Gentex with on-call compliance assistance pertaining to local, state and federal regulatory obligations.


  • Waste Characterization Sampling and Guidance
  • Proprietary component control and management
  • Packaging, Labels and Supplies
  • On-Call support
  • Lab Pack Services for unused and out-of-date materials