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Waste Magnesium Turnings - Aerospace Industry


Services: Industrial Waste Management
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro provides waste management programs to several aerospace companies where the handling of certain materials must be conducted in a strict manner. One such project, undertaken for several aerospace companies, includes the monthly recycling of magnesium turnings. Quick scheduling of transportation is critical to avoid accumulation of large amounts of magnesium scrap on-site.

Loureiro’s role in these projects typically involves the following activities:

  • Identification of a recycling facility that can handle reprocessing of mixed alloys that include rare earth elements and specialty alloys that differ from common scrap.
  • Compliance evaluation of recycling facility, including permitting, registrations, and scrap handling.
  • Establishing handling and shipping requirements for scrap, DOT hazardous material and RCRA hazardous waste (in certain states).
  • Evaluation of domestic and international options for recycling, including extraction of rare earth elements through reprocessing.


  • Monthly management of 60-100 drums of magnesium turnings for recycling
  • Small size of turnings creates ignition/reaction hazard
  • Mixed alloys with rare earth elements
  • Qualifying facilities within CT where waste stream is considered Hazardous