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Large Metal Finisher

West Hartford, Connecticut

Services: Industrial Waste Management
Client Served: Industrial

WorkWaste provides comprehensive waste disposal services for Har-Conn Chrome in West Hartford, CT. Har-Conn is unique due to the wide array of finishing technologies they utilize as well as the variety and volume of waste they generate. These wastes include and are not limited to acids, plating sludges, masking waste, cyanide and rinse/bath waste. WorkWaste works closely with the treatment facilities to provide a competitive price point while offering superior service. Due to Har-Conn’s core service offerings, unique waste management projects pop up frequently and WorkWaste has assisted with these dynamic needs. Down-time costs our industrial clients time and money, and we are dedicated to keep them on line.

We also have the capabilities of assisting Har-Conn with any of their EH&S or Industrial Solutions needs since WorkWaste provides a broader scope of services than just waste management. WorkWaste’s comprehensives services offer clients like Har-Conn a strategic advantage by offering one-stop shopping and partnering to understand their objectives.


  • Challenging waste streams
  • High volume and customer expectations
  • Logistical considerations due to large quantity and cyanide waste
  • On-call EH&S if need arises
  • Long term partnership and “can do” approach