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Helicoil Soil Management

Danbury, Connecticut

Services: Remediation Waste and Soil Transportation & Disposal
Client Served: Industrial

WorkWaste managed approximately 800 tons of VOC contaminated soil from a historic release that migrated through a catch basin. Most of the soil requiring remediation was located within the facility’s employee lot, thus timing and logistics were carefully considered to get this project completed as efficiently as possible.

To maximize value and reduce cost, WorkWaste utilized two disposal facilities and sent as much material as possible to the lower cost scenario contingent upon real time analytical results and site history. The higher concentration material was deemed hazardous and the less impacted material was segregated for local management at an approved facility. We had to work very closely with site operations, transporters and the receiving facility to ensure smooth project flow and to leverage the lower cost scenario.


  • Real time data interpretation
  • Strategic disposal facility usage and partnership
  • Careful logistical coordination to maximize throughput
  • Comprehension of client concerns from a regulatory and work scope perspective
  • Implementation of lowest cost T&D as applicable