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Centredale Manor Restoration Project Superfund Site, Source Area Groundwater Remediation

North Providence, Rhode Island

Services: Environmental Engineering, Remediation, Waste Transportation and Disposal
Clients Served: Attorney, Industrial

This project required the management of dioxin-contaminated soil removed from a residential area located within a Superfund Site in North Providence, Rhode Island. Since there was no facility in the United States permitted to accept the dioxin-contaminated soil, Loureiro arranged to the soil to be permitted for acceptance at facilities outside the United States

Further complicating the remediation and soil management activities was the location of the site. Within the area of activity were two residential apartment buildings that required access by residents within a limited footprint. Loureiro worked with the waste transporters and residential community in order to accommodate the needs of all parties in completing the project.

Loureiro also performed all fieldwork and obtained approvals and permits from local, state federal and international regulatory agencies. In addition, Loureiro was responsible for waste characterization and all logistics including container delivery, removal and soil disposal.


  • Complex international regulatory environment
  • Multiple permits and approvals
  • 2,250 tons of soil excavated and disposed of
  • Limited physical access
  • Coordination with residential community to ensure access to homes during remediation activities