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Tire Pond – Soil Procurement

Hamden & North Haven, Connecticut

Services: Remediation Waste and Soil Transportation and Disposal
Clients Served: Government

The State of Connecticut is in the process of closing the Tire Pond in North Haven and Hamden, CT. Loureiro is assisting with many aspects of this project including the procurement of acceptable cover material in support of closure activities at this site.

In order to procure material, we established a facility specific Tire Pond Material Acceptability Protocol (MAP) used for the physical and chemical evaluation of material offered to the site. The MAP defines detailed criteria material must meet in order to be managed within the facility. A key component of the MAP is the Material Record and Log (MR&L) which is a form that describes the material’s source, customer information and composition.

Once an inquiry has been submitted Loureiro is responsible for pricing the material, technical review and approval. Submittals include, at minimum, the MR&L, applicable supporting information and laboratory analysis. Extreme care and accuracy are necessary to ensure offered material is acceptable and compliant with the MAP.

Once a job is approved for management at the Tire Pond, all loads are tracked by our facility-developed tracking program that records loads and weights associated with particular approvals. This offers real-time tracking for volume of remaining approval, total daily/weekly tonnage, financials, and records of times and weights for all received loads.

Loureiro is also responsible for coordinating shipment, arranging trucks for certain jobs and scheduling compliant material delivery with other Tire Pond Operations. Site conditions, equipment/resource availability and current capacity are continually evaluated to ensure smooth site operation.


  • Material Acceptability Protocol Development
  • Material Evaluation and Quoting
  • Facility Specific Tracking System Implementation
  • Submittal Review and Comparison with regard to the Material Acceptability Protocol
  • Scheduling and Logistics