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Hospital Universal Waste Programs

New England

Services: Universal Waste
Clients Served: Education and Healthcare

All healthcare entities are governed by HIPPA regulations that require all patient information and medical records remain secure. When disposing of technology assets, special care must be taken to assure that information contained in these assets is properly disposed of. In an effort to control this sensitive and confidential information, several area hospitals have contracted Loureiro for recycling control and certified destruction of their data assets, such as computer terminal, hard drives and the like.

Loureiro provides a comprehensive program that includes inventorying each electronic unit and certifying that the units are dismantled to their basic valuable commodities (“Certified Destruction”). After destruction, items are processed for recycling of their valuable metals, plastics and composite components. Items which have storage or memory capabilities (e.g., hard drives) are rendered unreadable via manual destruction.

In addition to the services described above, Loureiro manages many other types of Universal Waste, such as fluorescent lamps and batteries. Other waste management services provided include lab packing and compliance assistance.


  • Tons of hospital e-waste recycled annually
  • All types of Universal Waste services/recycling
  • Strategic management for each hospital’s particular need
  • Destruction of hard drives
  • Certificates of recycling
  • Certified scale