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ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard Assistance

The ISO 50001 energy management standard was published June 15, 2011. This new standard will assist industrial plants and commercial organizations in developing a clear and comprehensive energy management plan.

ISO 50001 can help your company in a great many ways, as it will:

  • Reduce energy use, and hence its costs
  • Encourage energy conservation
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Improve use of energy consuming equipment
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

No matter what your organization, the above list will very likely mean reduced energy costs and increased profits, as well as improvement to your organization’s environmental commitment and visibility.

Whether you already have other ISO certifications, or are looking to make ISO 50001 your first standard , Loureiro can help you efficiently with your objectives. We have assisted many organizations through the ISO 14001 certification process. This experience, coupled with our strong energy management experience, will help ensure smooth and efficient integration of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

However, we can just as efficiently help your organization obtain ISO 50001 by itself. Loureiro can assist you:

  • To understand the requirements and benefits of ISO 50001
  • To comprehend the resource needs and costs (both internal and external)
  • With the implementation steps for final achieving certification.

Let Loureiro help you define how best to fit ISO 50001 to your business, given your specific programs and challenges.