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Professional Energy Managment Services

Loureiro can provide professional energy management staff for clients. There are a variety of reasons for which this kind of help might be requested.

For instance:

  • Site staff may not have the time to accomplish energy tasks
  • Site staff does not have the energy background needed to efficiently accomplish defined energy tasks
  • The person responsible for energy management has left – with an immediate vacuum in this responsibility, and many activities still to be accomplished
  • Budget cuts preclude hiring a full time, or part time energy manager position
  • A change in the business requires a temporary need for increased resources
  • Corporate, or other pressures, are dictating new energy and greenhouse gas reductions, and these require increased energy management resources.

Loureiro can work with your team to define the correct arrangement for your circumstances and objectives. Some clients may require onsite staffing once a week or month, for just a few hours, while others might request a staff member to be onsite for far greater time periods.

While onsite, our staff can provide the following types of services:

  • Compressed Air Leak Assessment - identify and quantify all accessible leaks and inappropriate uses of compressed air - calculating and quantifying possible dollar savings. (see flyer)    CompressedAirLeakAssessmentServiceFlyer.pdf
  • Energy systems analysis – by your important energy use systems (lighting, compressed air, HVAC, etc.)
  • Energy team meeting assistance - agenda preparation, meeting facilitation, meeting notes, follow-up tracking
  • Energy systems training for staff on your important energy use systems
  • Inspections and Audits of energy use systems (e.g., ultrasonic compressed air leak detection)
  • Technical resource for working with utilities, and vendors about upgrades to existing systems, and associated incentives/rebates
  • Development of appropriate energy metrics – so you can tell if true energy reduction is occuring
  • Energy data collection from meters, submeters, and departments as needed for proper metrics
  • Update, prepare and report energy metrics
  • Hands-on corrective action where it makes sense, and allowed by site rules
  • Response to Employee Concerns and Complaints