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Energy Training

To help our clients better understand energy use, and decrease its consumption and resulting carbon footprint, Loureiro provides training in a number of energy domains:

  • Understanding Energy Systems and their Energy Reduction Opportunities – 4 hrs
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Energy Opportunities – 8 hrs
  • Advanced Energy Metrics – How to Keep Correct Score – 2 hrs
  • Energy Reduction through Energy Kaizen Events – 2 hrs
  • Behavioral Energy Change – 2 hrs
  • Energy Reduction using 5S – 1 hr
  • Reducing Residential Energy Use – 8 hrs

These training programs can be conducted at any of the following locations:

  • at Loureiro’s offices
  • at your site
  • online, via webinars

We tailor our training sessions to fit your exact needs and circumstances. For example, we often teach a combination training session entitled Energy Reduction through Kaizen Events, 5S, and Behavioral Energy Change.

Some Past Attendee Comments:

“Thank you for the course. My team raved about it, and has already begun thinking of new opportunities for the buildings and their homes.” 
    -Director, Commercial Buildings Co.

“Great course. Very practical and real. I could put this to use immediately.”
    -Director of Engineering and Process Improvement, Chemical Supplier

“One of the best instructors I have seen. Mr. Vidmar always keeps you engaged.”
    -Plant Manager, Ceramics Company