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Loureiro understands that energy use and its cost are increasingly important concerns, because they not only impact your bottom line but also your organization’s carbon footprint and sustainability efforts. In fact, we face the same issues in our business. The goal of Loureiro is to provide you with cost-effective energy use and carbon footprint reduction plans, and help you implement those plans to achieve substantial energy reduction.

Loureiro provides energy assistance through a wide variety of programs which we tailor for integration with your existing management systems. Our program to Assess Energy Reduction Opportunities (AERO) critically reviews energy use from point-of-use back to generation. AERO evaluates conservation and efficiency – and also their synergy – to provide you with the widest array of cost-effective energy reduction opportunities. Where appropriate, we will tie AERO to an organization’s existing support programs (Six Sigma, Kaizen, Behavioral Energy Change, Lean Manufacturing, etc.) to fully take advantage of an organization’s strengths.


Our Energy Services are led by professionals who have over 25 years practical experience, people who have managed energy at facilities ranging from individual sites to large worldwide organizations. We have senior design members who have engineered and installed energy-efficient systems, including renewable energy fuel cells. Our staff has contributed at over 200 client sites within the last five years. In short, we’ve experienced your desired energy usage and carbon reductions ...because we’ve lived it.

Energy Services in detail:

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