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Site Engineering

Loureiro is committed to solving our client’s engineering challenges with cost-effective and practical solutions, while delivering an ecologically responsible and sustainable development. Today’s projects require finding a balance between maximizing a site’s development potential and sustaining the local environment through innovative technical solutions. Our services range in scope from preparation of permit applications for a development project to the preparation of detailed design plans and specifications for various municipal, industrial and private-sector improvement projects, for a variety of clients. Our team will guide you from conceptual planning and detailed design to construction close-out of the simplest to most complex projects you may have.

  • Site planning and design
  • Low impact development
  • Utility assessment
  • Drainage and stormwater management
  • Erosion control
  • Land use permitting
  • Contract documents
  • Roadway design
  • Construction administration and observation

Not just engineers: valued consultants and partners

Loureiro has staff that understand all current requirements pertaining to proposed residential, commercial and industrial developments located throughout New England ...including the environmental impacts that many of these developments can impose on a site. The unique unity between our business, engineering and construction staff offers many advantages to our clients, because a comprehensive understanding of all facets of the project is maintained throughout the design and construction phases. This provides substantial benefit to clients that are saddled with significant site constraints or complex environments. Further, our construction estimates are not simply an engineer’s opinion of cost, but a solid estimate from a contractor working in the public bid arena every day imperative for developing an accurate business model for a project.

Our success is your success

Whether you need engineering services only, or are interested in comprehensive project supervision, we will assemble a team that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Loureiro has been selected for a variety of design and design-build projects by major developers and industries throughout Connecticut and New England. We will strive to make your project a financially successful showcase.