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Solid Waste

The effective management of waste is but one element of ensuring that our children do not have to deal with the more noxious elements of our legacy. Whether your project involves municipal solid waste or explosive magnesium powders, Loureiro’s team of environmental experts can work with clients to successfully manage the waste stream. We seek ways to foster teamwork and mutual understanding between you and the regulators, with the goal of completing your project to your standards, on time and within budget. We also have the expertise to assist in facility operations, since we have a track record of the successful operation of a solid waste facility during final closure. Loureiro his provided solid waste services to municipalities, state agencies and public and private clients.

Our expertise includes:

  • Design of industrial waste treatment, storage and transfer facilities
  • Design of RCRA Subtitle DD containment facilities
  • Design of landfill closures including development of alternative cover systems
  • Detailed design and preparation of bid documents
  • Contract administration and resident inspection services
  • Local, State, and Federal permitting including RCRA and stewardship permits
  • Development of operation and maintenance plans and manuals
  • Training of facility staff and operators
  • Development/implementation of groundwater and vapor monitoring programs