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Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks

Loureiro assists clients with underground storage tank services including tank cleaning, replacement and removal, design of tank systems, registration, closure sampling and reporting, soil sampling, and waste management. Aboveground storage tank services include engineering design of collection and containment systems ...including those for hazardous wastes, fuels and chemicals, installation of tank components, interaction with regulatory agencies, and development of compliance programs.

Loureiro’s professionals provide comprehensive services as follows:

  • Removal and installation of underground storage tanks
  • Excavate, load and dispose of contaminated soil
  • Closure reporting and engineering services
  • Preparation of bid specifications
  • Cleaning and decommissioning tank systems
  • Health & Safety planning for tank removal
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Design of inspection program
  • Mitigation of UST releases
  • SPCC planning for aboveground fuel and oil tank systems

Loureiro’s credentials:

  • Professional Engineers
  • 40-hour hazardous waste operations trained field personnel