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Wastewater Engineering

Loureiro’s Civil/Sanitary Engineers have a long history of supporting municipal, private and industrial clients with innovative wastewater engineering solutions. We support projects ranging from full water pollution control studies for wastewater collection and treatment facilities, to large and small-scale on-site subsurface sewage disposal system design. We understand the financial challenges that our clients face, and will commit to work diligently toward maximizing state and federal funding, while minimizing design and construction costs. Loureiro’s diverse team will guide you from conceptual planning and detailed design to construction close-out ...from the simplest to the most complex projects you may have.

  • Infiltration/inflow studies
  • Sewer System Evaluation Surveys
  • Sewer rehabilitation projects
  • Sewage pump station design
  • Water pollution control facility plans/studies
  • Water pollution control facility design and construction administration
  • Water conservation and recycling programs
  • Portable and non-portable groundwater treatment
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Industrial water treatment

Diverse integration

One of the strengths of maintaining a diverse engineering capability is our ability to support multifaceted projects for our clients through one point of contact with a fully integrated staff. Loureiro has qualified professionals in the fields of civil, chemical, mechanical, electrical, structural, and environmental engineering, with specific design and construction experience related to a variety of wastewater treatment processes. Our design capability is further supported by our construction and operational service divisions, both of which possess hands-on experience in wastewater plant and collections construction and operations. Loureiro will assemble a team for your project that will be balanced with engineering, technical and construction experience, and dedicated to developing a practical solution to your wastewater treatment and collection needs.

Our approach to your objectives

Loureiro’s expertise spans from expansion of existing collection and treatment facilities to rehabilitation of existing systems. We serve a variety of municipal and industrial clients throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Whether you are pursuing municipal wastewater rehabilitation, expansion projects or industrial wastewater treatment our objective will always be to integrate closely with your operations staff.  We will design a solution that will be safe, effortless to operate and energy efficient ...and of course, that will exceed regulatory compliance requirements.