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Your problems are unique, and so are we. Loureiro has integrated the engineering disciplines so we can efficiently evaluate each project and provide you with a solution that meets your specific needs. Our mission is to enhance the built environment and the lives of those in it. Whether your entity is a private firm, an institution, a public agency or a government department, we have a track record of working collaboratively with every client and making good on that mission.

From our roots in water/wastewater engineering, we have built a company capable of delivering on all aspects of your project. We’ve put together a dynamic, multidisciplinary team of experts with the single goal of getting your job done …and done well. Our objectivity, knowledge and ability to think outside the box are invaluable assets that speed the development of exceptional solutions. We take the time to carefully listen to you, and you can sleep well knowing that we have the in-house resources to address every aspect of your project.

Our expertise is more valuable because we can also build it!

We understand that engineering is just one element of the much larger objective of accomplishing your project. Before you see our solution on paper, we have already ensured that it is efficient, safe ...and constructible. Our project teams work collaboratively with our in-house ConstructionEH&SWaste and 
Energy competencies to ensure that we provide the best overall solution for both the short and long run. Loureiro doesn’t cut corners, and we won’t compromise our integrity – or your project’s.

Engineering Services in detail:

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