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Environmental Health & Safety Auditing

Loureiro has a very deep bench of professional Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) auditors. Many of our lead auditors have honed their skills through 20-plus years of compliance, conformance and management system (MS) audits. Our senior staff have created and managed EH&S MS audit programs for Fortune 50 corporations with hundreds of facilities located around the globe.

In addition to assisting our clients with the development of tiered regulatory compliance, ISO, ANSI and OSHA audit programs, our staff have conducted audits of customized management systems for a wide variety of clients. If your organization does not have a formal H&S Department or an Environmental MS, but you are concerned about your ability to sustain compliance or prevent injuries, we can conduct an “effectiveness audit” to evaluate your capacity to achieve your expectations.

The diversity of our EH&S audit service includes:

  • Regulatory compliance audits (OSHA, EPA, DEEP, DOT and IATA)
  • Consensus standard audits (NFPA, ANSI, etc.)
  • Management system audits (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, OSHA VPP and company-specific systems)
  • MS auditor qualification and training programs that include field coaching and assessment
  • Contractor EH&S audits and audit programs
  • Development of customized management system rating/assessment tools
  • EH&S program effectiveness assessments
  • Supplier and supply chain EH&S audits and audit programs
  • Training programs for line and staff auditors at all levels
  • Specific program audits to determine the “health” and reliability of key risk management programs (e.g., training, inspections, and incident investigations)

Spotlight projects:

  • Conducted an H&S effectiveness assessment and high risk audit of a major U.S. steel company with 60,000 employees worldwide.
  • Created MS auditor training for a large international corporation, training over 300 employees.
  • Created customized audit and inspection tools for line management in a mid-sized company.
  • Recently hired by a CT-based company to assess their worldwide operations, in order to determine the effectiveness and compliance of their safety management approach.