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EH&S Management Systems Consulting

Loureiro’s Environment and Health & Safety (EH&S) staff have been involved in the creation, implementation and assessment of EH&S management systems (MS) for over 20 years. Our staff are industry leaders in the development of effective and fully integrated management systems, system rating tools, auditing programs/protocols, auditor training/qualification programs and executive MS training.

In addition to assisting clients with the development of standard ISO, ANSI and OHSAS management systems, our staff has developed customized management systems for a wide variety of clients. Many of these clients needed a system that integrated both Environment and Health & Safety risk management.

Some of the MS elements/programs that Loureiro has created for its clients include:

  • MS auditor qualification and training programs that include field coaching and assessment
  • EH&S culture surveys
  • Non-conformance and incident root cause analysis
  • Emergency prevention, planning and response management
  • Supplier and supply chain EH&S management
  • MS rating tools that quantify the evolution of an MS from a benchmark state
  • Complete aspects, impacts and risk assessment programs
  • Contractor EH&S management
  • EH&S balanced scorecard metric development and objective-setting
  • Regulatory compliance management systems
  • Executive training and coaching on MS roles, responsibilities and leadership
  • Educational management systems