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Professional EH&S Resource Support

Loureiro’s Professional EH&S support services can be broken down into two main types of support: Expert Services and On-site Staffing.

Expert Services

Loureiro offers a cadre of highly-experienced individuals that can dedicate themselves to your particular need or issue. Often our clients are looking for a technical expert to support them in a legal case, citation, or some similar need. Our staff of former Fortune 50 EH&S executives and OSHA compliance officers has coached our clients through many extremely challenging situations, such as OSHA inspections and subsequent citation management and legal actions. Loureiro also provides OSHA inspection “shadowing,” where we will walk with the compliance officer while on-site to ensure that their findings are clear and appropriately cited. We can also assist in your response to an OSHA citation to assure that you are presented only with fair and accurate citations and penalties.

Onsite EH&S Staffing

Loureiro also provides onsite EH&S staff for many of our clients. There are a variety of reasons for which this kind of help may be needed.

  • The in-house EH&S staff do not have the time to accomplish all of their tasks
  • Those with current EH&S responsibility do not possess sufficient technical expertise or background
  • An EH&S staff person has left
  • Budget cuts preclude employing a full-time staff member
  • A change in the business requires a temporary need for increased resources

Though many of our clients require onsite staffing only once a week or month, others require one of our staff members to be onsite for a full 40-hour week.

While onsite, our staff typically provides the following types of services:

  • Safety Committee support and facilitation
  • EH&S training
  • Inspections and audits
  • Technical resource
  • Hazard and Risk Assessments (JHAs)
  • Response to employee concerns and complaints
  • EH&S program implementation
  • Hands-on corrective action