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Construction Waste Management

Construction projects have unique wastes that require specialized treatment. WorkWaste’s technical staff members have experience evaluating construction waste, and understand the specific requirements to implement the best management strategy for your job. Our emphasis is to make every job go smoothly and cost-effectively. WorkWaste’s diverse staff and knowledge base enable us to give you the support you require. We pride ourselves on knowing what your project needs and how to make it happen.

WorkWaste can manage the disposal of wastes ranging from customary C&D materials to the most contaminated soils. We’re mindful of the local, state and Federal regulations that apply to your job, and we never sacrifice compliance. Contaminated sites and difficult materials are our strength. Our experience helps keep your project on track. We appreciate the need for adherence to budget and schedule, and no job is too big or too small.

  • WorkWaste’s construction waste management services include:
  • ABC (Asphalt, Brick and Concrete) disposal and recycling
  • Hazardous building materials survey and assessment
  • Contaminated soil
  • Railroad ties and telephone poles
  • Contaminated material management for impacted brick, concrete, floors and walls
  • Lead and asbestos
  • PCBs - Polychlorinated biphenyls in building materials
  • Hazardous and regulated waste removal prior to demo and razing
  • Universal waste removal and recycling prior to demo and razing
  • Job site health and safety
  • Reclaiming/recycling of metals
  • Site decontamination/cleaning

Specific services:

  • Work with demo contractors to manage hazardous building materials, including identification, segregation, packaging and disposal/recycling.
  • Assist industrial companies in decommissioning manufacturing space when moving or leaving, including cleaning, waste collection and removal, and sampling/documentation (as needed).
  • We leverage our large network of disposal and recycling resources to find the most cost-effective solutions for each project.
  • We specialize in sampling and RCRA characterization of difficult waste streams, including underground tank systems, former waste storage areas, sumps/yard drains, ventilation systems, and various others.
  • Because construction wastes often have size limitations at the time of disposal/recycling, we assist with development of a waste management strategy that eliminates double-handling of waste streams.