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Industrial Waste Management

There are numerous types of industrial waste – used oil, spent solvents, off-spec materials, industrial sludges, metal plating waste – in fact, far too many to list. Then there is the burden of classifying the waste as Hazardous, Non-Hazardous, Non-Hazardous but State-Regulated, or Recyclable ...and whether an exemption applies or not. The next step is to determine the best disposal technology and a proper end destination. WorkWaste’s expert technical staff specializes in managing industrial waste, and has the experience to save customers both time and money, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

WorkWaste’s comprehensive understanding of local, state and Federal waste regulations gives us an edge over other companies. Our large network of disposal options allows us to offer outstanding pricing to save customers’ money. We track down solutions for the most challenging waste streams, and our vast experience enables us to strategize industrial waste management plans that fit each customer’s needs. WorkWaste’s customers appreciate our remarkable value and personal service.

WorkWaste’s industrial waste management services include:

  • Drummed waste disposal, including recycle, disposal and waste to energy
  • Hazardous and regulated waste
  • PCB and TSCA waste
  • Lab-pack services
  • Waste determination guidance, profiling and sampling services
  • Auditing of all shipping documents
  • Waste analysis plans and inventories
  • Waste minimization, de-listing and de-regulation
  • Identifying alternate handling methods
  • Zero landfill and proprietary waste management

Specific services:

  • Advise customers on methods to minimize generated waste and foster sustainability. WorkWaste customizes waste management plans to reduce cost by deregulating applicable waste streams, utilizing cost-effective collection systems, and identifying options to minimize future liabilities.
  • Assist with sampling, characterizing and profiling waste streams. Our extensive experience enables us to guide and inform waste generators through this process hassle-free, even for unusual or complex wastes.
  • We offer comprehensive guidance regarding generator status, and ensure that each customer has the information they need for streamlined reporting.
  • We offer multiple disposal solutions for a variety of waste streams. We can often save customers money by seeking a new destination facility, changing handling methods, or combining/co-mingling waste streams.