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Universal Waste Management

Nearly every business, school, hospital, municipality and person in the United States deals with Universal Waste. Have you ever replaced a 4’ fluorescent light bulb? Replace an old, bulky CRT monitor for a sleek flat screen? What did you do with the old ones? Universal Wastes are all around us; fluorescent light bulbs, batteries and electronic waste are some of the most common. They need to be managed correctly, both to limit exposure risks to heavy metals and to reclaim raw materials that are used to manufacture new items.

WorkWaste specializes in cost-effective solutions for Universal Waste compliance, management and recycling. We handle everything from the homeowner to large-scale manufacturing plants, hospitals and everything in between. We ensure compliance with state and Federal regulations in performing all of our services, from our logistics and packaging options to final recycling. We also provide documented destruction of electronic devices and hard drives for customers concerned about sensitive information and data.

WorkWaste’s Universal Waste management services include:

  • Fluorescent light bulb recycling
  • Management of facility re-lamping events
  • CRT to flat screen monitor swap-outs
  • Organizing collection events
  • Controlled hard drive destruction
  • Strategizing unique recycling solutions
  • Battery recycling
  • Universal waste compliance help
  • On-site pickups & pre-pay options
  • Recycling certificates with every invoice
  • Elemental mercury recycling
  • E-waste recycling

Specific services:

  • Work with customers to manage Universal Waste and ensure control of sensitive materials during recycling
  • Provide for municipal Universal Waste coordination and recycling at transfer stations. WorkWaste also offers outreach and education for citizens.
  • Develop Universal Waste management strategies that minimize cost by reviewing quantities generated and recommending custom solutions.
  • Coordinate office/facility clean-outs to eliminate hassles and ensure compliance
  • Specialize in large re-lamping jobs or projects that require unique or large-scale management.
  • Organize collection events for private companies and public organizations. WorkWaste customizes a recycling and project plan for each event that includes outreach and encourages participation.